Monday, 22 June 2009

Kristen's love heart necklace

This picture was the best one i could find and I know its blurry so sorry! This necklace is available at, this truly is a beautiful necklace it's so delicate and fine. Would suit either everning or day wear, this necklace could really complete an outfit. This necklace it priced at $35.95

Bella's cardigan

This cardigan is available at, this is the exact same cardigan Bella wears in New Moon on the night of her birthday. It is priced at a low price but stocks are limited so hurry and get yourself one. They don't have the black on avilable any more but they still have a blue one left.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Bella's Beaded Bracelet

This is the exact same bracelet that Bella wore in Twilight and New moon . It goes perfectly with her St Jude bracelet. This beaded bracelet is available at priced at $15.99


Kristen Stewart is a big fan of Keds! She has been seen wearing them on and off set. They will appear in the New Moon movie. Be sure to grab yourself a pair at priced at £24.99


Chuck Taylor All Star low top trainers by converse. Hugly popular and available from most shoes store. Bella wore these Converse trainers to the prom in Twilight and in real life Kristen Stewart is hardly ever not seen in them! Grab a pair at at a low cost of £33

Bella's Sweater

This is a great lookalike jumper to the one that Bella wore in a New Moon school scene. This jumper is a Tommy Hilfiger pullover is was the closest one i could find to Bella's. It's available at it's priced at 69.90 euros.

This is not the exact same dress as Bella wore in New Moon on her birthday, but it's the only one close enough. it is off it is priced at £55 and is called Matt and Shine. It's a very classy dress so perfect for evening where but if you are daring you could wear it in the day. either way this dress will look perfect!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Win Bella's Wardrobe

A website is running a competition for all twilight fans! You do have to set up an account but it only takes minutes. The competition is easy, all you have to do it answer a question and summit your answer! It couldn't be more simple! Find the competition at
I wish you the best of luck!!

Friday, 19 June 2009

Bella's Cuff bracelet

Bella's cuff braclet. I know it's not exactly the same, but i scanned through the internet and this was the only one i could find close enough to Bella's. it pretty pricey but it's worth it! find it at

Bella's Coat

get the exact same coat as Bella wore in the meadow scenes. But you have to hurry it's on sale, if you want the same one as Bella go for Llama Brown.

This is the identical Moon Stone ring that Bella wore throughout the movie. There is not one scene where she doesn't where it. It is great quality at an affordable price!

Peacock feather bag

This was the bag Bella used throughout the movie, it appeared in many scenes. find it at

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Bella's Brown Jacket

Worn in various scenes, a casual warm jacket custom made to fit you perfectly. order it off

Bella's Jansport Backpack

Get Bella's look for school, with this backpack available at and other various bag websites. Bella wears it to school all the time and it is very affordable.

St Jude Bracelet

This St Jude bracelet is a Catholic item to protect you from all evil. Bella wore this braclet the through the whole film. It has become a popular item so grab your fast!

Bella's Mittens

Buy the exact same mittens that Bella wore in various scenes of Twilight. Are in British pounds but can be shipped to America. These mittens are available at

Bella's prom dress

Get the exact same prom dress as Bella wore in the final scene of Twilight and at a low cost.

Bella's aubergine Hunter Wellies

Available and and, many colours to choose from. If you want Bella's style go with the colour aubergine.

Twilight Jacket

Available at,, and, prices vary but it will be soem where in the region of $60-$80.